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in football •  10 months ago

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The super bowl is a football game. A championship game to be exact. But it has been comercialized to the point to where the pundints manipulute comercials and half time shows to address their crooked agendas. So like playing a hand of blackjack, I'm out. I would suggest you do the same. With multi million dollar primadonna players and greedy billion dollar owners and a platform to brainwash the masses with their devilish coercions, it is time to say enough and move on with better alternatives. People need to become more socially conscious of the manipulation of these programs. This is the devil at work. Don't subject yourself to this. It is corrupt and by you watching it you'll be corrupted.

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Quick fix.
Skip cable bill.
All done.


Lol. Thanks for the reply. Its amazing that over 1 billion people will watch this "game".