The New Contract for a Worthy Goalkeeper

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Liverpool have to make quick decision to manage a new contract for their no. 1 goalkeeper, Allison Becker. It’s a good news that The Reds management would have a talk on a new contract for Becker in this summer. We know that it’s not easy to find a worthy goalkeeper with the quality like Allison Becker. I think Liverpool should make a new contract with him soon as his contract will be expired in Summer 2024. It’s just two years left.


Alisson Becker signed a 6 year / £42,900,000 contract with the Liverpool F.C., including an annual average salary of £7,150,000. In 2021, Becker will earn a base salary of £7,800,000, while carrying a cap hit of £7,800,000.Source

Despite extending the contract, the management of Liverpool should also offer bigger salary for him. As he played very well and he has already helped Liverpool to win Premier League and Champions League titles. And he was playing so outstanding this season though many defenders were injured, like Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez. But still Liverpool finished on third position and they will play in the champions league next season. And sure, Becker’s contribution for that was great.

As a core fan of Liverpool, I hope they will make another 4 years contract with the Brazilian Goalkeeper. However, Allison Becker could be playing as long as possible with The Reds, just like Buffon in Juventus. I really like the way Becker play to save the ball with an excellent reflexes, bravery, and positioning. With those quality, he is one of the best player and expensive goalkeepers in the world.

I believe Liverpool fans all over the world would really like to see Allison Becker play with The Reds as long as possible, and would also to see him being a legend goalkeeper in Anfield Stadium. He just came from Brazil to Roma a few years ago, then he was signed by Liverpool. So great to know that Mohammad Salah and Allison Becker were hijacked from A.S Roma, a great Serie A team in Italia.

A Goodwill Ambassador of WHO
Becker is not only good at saving the ball on the field, but he also an ambassador to advocate and saving people with mental health problem. World Health Organizations appointed him and his wife to be the ambassadors. I am so proud of him, a talented and kind man with excellent personality. Liverpool are so lucky to have him. As a fan, I also so grateful to have Becker in the team since I know it’s so difficult to find an excellent goalkeeper like Allison Becker.


Now he is playing for Brazil in Copa America. We would see him sign a satisfied contract when he come back to England. And I would also see him advocating people in the world to face Covid-19 pandemic. We know that, the pandemic is not only affecting physical, but also mental health. The pandemic has also brought difficulties in football competition. It’s really stressful, you know? As I doctor, I am in front line to fight the disease.

His Wife is a Medical Doctor
And yeah, Liverpool got two world class talent in one price. His wife is a beautiful Brazilian doctor. I am really happy to know that Becker’s wife is a doctor. As a doctor, I also have a “relationship” with doctors in the world.

> LIVERPOOL landed two world class talents for the price of one when they confirmed the record-breaking signing of Alisson Becker in 2018.Source

Dr. Natalia Loewe is a qualified Brazilian doctor and now she is in Merseyside with Becker and among the people there. It’s really good for Liverpool to have a pretty doctor in their team.


So, come on, don’t wait too long to give them a new long term contract at Anfield Stadium. Liverpool will just extend the contract with two talents in the price if one. And salary in one? Oh, I don’t have idea if Dr. Natalia Loewe is also a member of Liverpool’s medical team?