Ranieri Conte Not Satisfied with Chelsea Transfer

in #football7 years ago

Ranieri rate Antonio Conte not too satisfied with the transfer of Chelsea players in the summer. That also makes Conte is rumored to not linger to train the Blues.
After the Premier League championship in the 2016-17 season, Chelsea did not make much changes. Noted, the Blues only bring four players only, namely Rudiger, Morata, Bakayoko, and Drinkwater.
The condition is considered insufficient for Chelsea, who in this season follow the Champions League. Not to mention, Chelsea left by Nemanja Matic, John Terry, and Diego Costa.
"Maybe Conte hopes, a different transfer market, but in the last few years, (Roman) Abramovich has not been spending crazy, United and City have been spending great players," Ranieri told Soccerway.
"So, I imagine that Conte should be more draining to fight his two rivals with the same players," he continued.
Conte is currently rumored to be the candidate for the Italian national team coach for the 2018 World Cup. Not to mention, the former Juventus coach had said he would return to Italy.
However, Ranieri rate, Conte will still continue to train Chelsea with the current conditions. He was not sure, Conte would soon leave Chelsea and return to Italy.
"The Premier League is still at the top and I'm not sure that Conte has missed (coaching in Italy)," said former Chelsea and Leicester City coach.

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