Because of the success of women football, boys failed

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Under-15 year old girls in Bangladesh won two international football tournaments in just three months. They are going to flood the praise and the flood of congratulation. Many people are asking questions, how are girls doing so well? How they are attacking the opponent of gold! The answer to the question is very much Simple planning and long-term training are creating talented generation of girls in football. Contrary to the success of the girls, in contrast to boys' soccer football. There is no long-term planning, systemic efforts to create new players.
With the celebration of this success of the girls, many of the boys are sorry. If women can come out from the remote areas of the country to have great talent for football, why not do it in the case of boys? The real thing is,
The boys are talented with football. But not being used properly, the buds drop in everybody's balls. Our age groups are regular successes, but there is no realistic step to keep those groups together, to arrange them long-term training.
A few days ago, in AFC U-16 qualifying in Qatar, Bangladesh lost the host Qatar 2-0. Even if it is age-old, which is an unforgettable win in football All talented talented players were seen in the team. Baffle President Kazi Salauddin said about the four-year plan for them. The camp started. But after a month it stopped. Although the players were given holidays on paper, the holiday was not completed today.
Bangladesh won the title in 2015 Under-15 football. They were also talented footballers. It seems that many people were seen to see that the star of the football team was going to meet in football. But what the key! Bapufe has been lagging behind with the announcement to keep the group together for four years.

BFF Football Academy is closed in Sylhet
BFF Football Academy is closed in Sylhet Can not start or renew its activities. However, the academy's crop was clear under-15 football championship team. Success came six months after the Academy continued. If you continue to do so, then maybe there are some more benefits Bangladesh Football

Amit Khan Shuvro, manager of the team who has not been able to retain Qatar's losing team, said, "The success of the girls did not come in one day. After long-term training, it is now achieving success. But we can not implement any long-term plan with boys. If boys are planning on boys, the boys would certainly be as good as girls. We just lost Qatar to practice a few months. '

Girls have been practicing under the same coach Golam Rabbani Chota for more than two years. But there is no long-term camp for the age group of boys. So, the female committee praised the women committee for this success, former BFF's technical director and current Coaches Education Coordinator Jobair Nipu said, "The main achievement of women's achievement behind the success of Mahfuza Akhter Kiran Chairman Committee.
He got everything from his BFF to his daughters. But we can not get boys. If our boys are given this opportunity, we can too. "

BFF has no intention of giving the opportunity. In Hong Kong's competition, where the girls won the title, the boys also got a tournament. Bangladesh did not participate there. India beat Singapore in title If the opportunity to play, then the 15-group could be together!

At one time, JFA Cup Under-15 football would have been boys. But now it has become the girls' tournament. The tournament has been very good with the girls. But why stop the boys!

Girls are doing well. There are many possibilities to do better. But the quality of football is judged by the country but boys are fed up with football. When will the BFFF look at the place?