Did Zidane mistake his remarks about Gareth Bale's departure?

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Did Zidane mistake his remarks about Gareth Bale's departure?

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Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane's comments on Welsh midfielder Gareth Bale dominated the media scene in the past few hours after confirming the club's desire to sell the player during the current summer Mercato.

Zinedine Zidane was asked why Gareth Bell was excluded from the match and did not hesitate to reveal the real reason that the player was out of the club's plans and close to leaving, which sparked controversy in world newspapers and websites.

Newspaper as said: Zidane leaves Bale out of Real Madrid squad again.

The masses were split between supporters and opponents of Zidane's statements, some see that Zidane was tough on the Welsh player and denied all the player has done to the club for six years, while others see that the story reached the end and there is no longer a chance for the player to stay.

Did Zidane and the injustice of Bale?

There are two parts to the issue. The first is related to Zidane's unwillingness to keep Gareth Bell out of the new project and second to the recent statements and the treatment of the French coach.

For the first point, Zidane can never be blamed for not being convinced of Gareth Bell, although the latter has special numbers and made the difference in very important matches, but things are not measured in this way, because Zizou wants a consistent player in the front line, and is not exposed to a lot of injuries, and most of all is consistent with the group.

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Bill still does not speak Spanish so far, and some of his teammates have confirmed it to the media. The player is psychologically fragile and has no determination to develop and fight, except for all that he misses half of the matches every season.

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