Argentina 1- 1 Iceland Football Worldcup 2018

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The first match between Argentina and Iceland begins

The Argentine team came off with a dark shirt, while Iceland used a white shirt. Polish referee Szymon Marciniak was given the task of taking the whistle.


  • Argentina: Caballero; Tagliafico, Otamendi, Rojo, Salvio; Mascherano, Biglia; Meza, Messi, Di Maria; Aguero


  • Iceland: Halldorsson; Arnason, Saevarsson, R.Sigurdsson, Magnusson; Gudmundsson, Gunnarsson, Hallfredsson; Bjarnason, Finnbogason, G.Sigurdsson



Iceland finished the first point, but Gylfi Sigurdsson shot to the ball deviate the goal of Argentina. The match was very exciting.

3 '

Tagliafico suffered a free kick from Arnason and Argentina. Messi comes but Otamendi can not use his head in the penalty area.

8 '

Lionel Messi is specially cared for by the Icelanders. He is constantly blaming each other when he goes to the restricted area. Argentina are entitled to the penalty, then Tagliafico header in the difficult post to miss the ball to deflect Iceland.


Argentine defending players and Bjarnason, Finnbogason constantly have the opportunity to finish in the penalty area, fortunately the ball did not hit the frame into Argentina.


Midfielder Otamendi leveled up and then shot from 25m, the ball went over the crossbar of Iceland.

19' Goal !!!

Tagliafico crosses the ball on the left and Aguero to turn the correct turn down Halldorsson, the score 1-0 for Argentina.



Coach Jorge Sampaoli was delighted to see Sergio Aguero's beautiful goal.

23' Goal !!!

Iceland equalized 1-1 in the 23rd minute
After the goalkeeper Caballero prevented the ball, Alfred Finnbogason cut the equalizer equalizer 1-1 for Iceland.



(Iceland equalized 1-1 in the 23rd minute thanks to Finnbogason)


Aguero and Messi suck the opponent to Biglia from 25m, unfortunately the ball goes over the crossbar over Iceland.


Argentina are constantly squeezing and controlling the midfield, but they are stuck in front of a large number of Icelanders.


Aguero throws the ball back to Messi in the penalty area, but the Iceland defender has blocked the Barcelona star.


(Iceland players touched the ball, but Argentina did not receive a penalty)

42 '

After Sigurdsson touched the ball in the restricted area, Lionel Messi and his team-mates reacted fiercely by the referee not to give Argentina a penalty.


End of the first half, Argentina and Iceland 1-1 draw

Sergio Aguero put Argentina ahead with a beautiful left-footed shot, but Finnbogason kept iceland up front before the break.



Argentina interferes outside the penalty area and Di Maria breaks through, but his shot has been blocked by Iceland defender.


G.Sigurdsson go the ball full of discomfort in the penalty area, making the Argentine defense difficult to break.

54 '

Argentina adjust the squad when Banega enters the Biglia substitution. This is the first change of coach Sampaoli to help the team of tango country to organize the game better.
Every time Lionel Messi has the ball, at least three Icelandic players cling to the Argentine captain. This is the reason why Leo does not have much space to perform the tectonic phase and definitely.

64 '

Argentina won the penalty. However, on 11m, Lionel Messi missed the opportunity to score when unable to beat goalkeeper Halldorsson.

(Lionel Messi placed the ball on the 11 meter mark. Unfortunately, his shot was not enough to beat the Icelandic goalkeeper)


67 '

Messi takes a free kick from 25m, but the ball goes over the crossbar. Barcelona star is under a lot of pressure.

76 '

Argentina adjust the squad when Pavon enters the substitution of Di Maria. This is the change of players second coach Sampaoli to increase the ability to strike mutant team for tango.


Mascherano has a long pass for Messi, but Argentina's 10th star fails to hit the Iceland defender.


84 '

Argentina adjust the squad when Higuain replaces Meza. This is the final change of coach Sampaoli in the match

90 '

Referee counts for 5 minutes. Messi and his team-mates still attack with hopes of goals.

End of the match, Argentina and Iceland 1-1 draw
Lionel Messi penalty penalty Argentina made only a 1-1 draw before Iceland in the match in 2018 World Cup.


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