PES Gaming Series #14 : Hive Blockchain FC vs Daneus FC

in #football3 months ago

vs Daneus FC.png

I'm back again with Hive! It's been months since I last posted here because of the busy and tight schedule but I'm back with a bang! First is I've made a cool intro video, second I've launched a career mode now in PES with some really good players in my squad now. I can compete with stronger teams in PES (via Steam portal) now and I've been hooked with it so please check it out!

As usual in my line up, I prefer players with accurate and creative with passing that's why I chose Messi and Del Piero on the front line. Left and Right midfield are filled by Coman/Asensio & Maitland-Niles/Lopez respectively while Central Midfield are filled by either Kante/Lallana/Bentackur with Viera holding on defensive midfield.

My defense is a bit stacked too since I got Oblak as my goalkeeper and good defenders with Inzaghi as my football manager with a 3-3-2-2 formation. I loved it since it has the capability to defend well at the same time build up a formation that attacks really good since I'm a possession-based player.

The score was a fun-filled 3-1 and you'll see all of the goals and highlights of the matches adjusted and cropped for a quality time watching it. Hoping to get your support! :)