The waiting game: Is Pochettino waiting for Ole Gunnar's ousting from ManU?

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Pochettino who was recently sacked by Tottenham Hotspurs and replaced by Jose Mourinho is being rumoured to be the man to take over from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer when he is sacked from Old Trafford.GettyImages-1180124084.jpg
The former Spurs boss who has been linked with a move to Arsenal is being advised to wait for an opening in ManU which is anytime soon.
Pochettino whose performance at Spurs put him in a very special class of managers stands a good enough chance to succeed Ole.
He took the club to the Champions League final last term but has to pay the price for a shocking run of form this season with a sack and replacement by "the Special one."

My Thoughts.

It is quite worrisome to see that, there great guys are being sacked after doing their best for the club. Winning is what the game is about no doubt, but the dry spell is also a part of it.
Pochettino lost his job to Jose Moirinho who was sometime ago sacked for poor performance. Imagine the irony!
My question is, has Mourinho become a better coach after his stay at home or is this just another trial run to see if he can pull some bunnies from his hat?
Will Pochettino be a better replacement for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer?

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