A bullet by post: Conte gets police protection.

in #football2 years ago
Antonio Conte is presently undergoing round the clock police protection after he received an envelope with a bullet and a threat letter from an anonymous sender.


The former Chelsea manager and present Inter Milan manager, now has police protection outside his home and as he steps out for work. This is a definitely going to be a hard time for him as he has to be really careful following the series of threats issued in the letter.
An investigation has now been launched while it is imperative to not that similar threats have been sent to political figures in Italy prominent amongst which is, the country’s former prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi.

My Thoughts.

The whole idea of sports is for entertainment, unity, fun and then money and seeing how some persons can go to the extreme over certain grievances is really not cool.
The coach is human too and like the fans, he wants to win medals because tat way, he earns more and gets celebrated. I think it is impossible to see a manager who doesn't want to win titles in the world of sports.
I believe soon the culprit(s) will be uncovered and dealt with accordingly.
Conte is a great manager and I don't think he or any other manager, player or fan deserves this kind of treatment over sports.
What do you think?

Pix/additional reading & first shared here.

It's ok, i think. Till the time police can't authenticate the letter, he should be protected

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