Match day

in football •  2 months ago 

Brethren, it's match day.

The business end of the league is upon us.

Man City, who are in a battle with Liverpool to clinch the title, just won again. This means they have gone top of the log again, with 5 games to go. This also means that the next game for Liverpool is a do-or-bust affair, and sadly for them it's against Chelsea. They have to win this game, they have to.

For Chelsea, even though they ain't in contention to win the league this year, they will be having a major say on who does win today, and there's a dilemma. At least, for some of the fans, like myself.

Do they allow City win the league again by beating Liverpool?

Or should they lose to Liverpool and give them a chance?

If you have a church mind, and also considering that today is Sunday, you will pity for Liverpool sha, because its been 29 years since they last won the league. They never even born some people that time sef.

But, most importantly, will Eden Hazard agree to this? Erh??

Guess we will have to find out shortly.

One thing is certain though, whatever Eden decides, that i decide.

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