🏈🏈 Fantasy Football: PAY YOUR DUES!! 💸💸

in #football • 3 years ago

After discussing with some of the players, the decision has been reached that the buyin will be denominated in SBD!

This seems simplest and the most seamless way for people to pay.

SBD fluctuates and right now is worth 83.2 cents. So to approximate a buyin of $20, we'll declare it to be a buyin of 24 SBD. (shoutout to Ken Griffey Jr. 🤘🤘 coulda been GOAT baseball player if not for the steroid era)

So whatever becomes of SBD, whether up or down or totally kaput, that's the buyin and prize pool.

If we want to, we can exchange the prize pool to BTC at any point. Or half of each. World is our oyster. But for now it's SBD and we'll talk about that later.

The alternative to this was using leaguesafe so that people wouldn't have to worry about me running off with the funds. But it'd require everyone to make an account, and to have a debit card type of payment. And they take a 4% cut.

So this just seems better. Hopefully no one is too worried. I promise I won't steal the money.

The witnesses can strike me dead if I try.

Time expires at the end of the day on the 29th!!!

At that point, anyone who hasn't paid will be subject to removal or replacement, and we'll get things finalized before the draft on the 31st.

To pay just transfer me 24 SBD on here. (I can also take bitcoin or USD on paypal and convert to SBD. Leave your discord or email in a comment.)

There's at least 1 spot and probably more like 2 that are currently unspoken for.

So if you're reading this and want to play, leave a comment!


Prize pool will be announced after we're sure about amount of teams. But fairly standard 1st, 2nd, and 3rd with regular season points getting a small piece.


Phew, i’m glad i checked and paid on time.


hahaha ya good job mello!

thanks! almost everyone is paid, some are paying @pittsburghhodlr and some are paying me USD and i'll convert to SBD.

so we're good to go! will just be a matter of how many teams we get. good luck tomorrow in the draft!

You too. I will be drafting on my phone, so i hope i have decent reception.
I wish I knew my draft position so that i can strategize.
It's going to be a great year!
Thanks for commissioning again.


my pleasure, thanks for playing and making things easy as usual! ya, I wish we could do arrange order ahead of time.. but with all the variables of finalizing managers last minute and stuff we'll have to just let Yahoo! spit out the order.. I think it shows up a good 30 or 45 mins or so ahead of time, so hopefully enough time to think a little anyways

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nah, I'm not really interested in any of the ERC20 jazz, even if it's about fantasy sports

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