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Lyon VS Guingamps : N2 @3.358

This bet could look a bit surprising when you look at it at the first place, but for me the odd is far to high. We have here 2 teams that are in a complete different mood. Guingamps needs points more than ever if they want to play in the first division next year. And if the results are not going better lately, the content of the games is encouraging and is much better than one month ago. On the other hand, Lyon is focused on the coming champion's league match next week. The composition has not been revealed yet but it looks like some important players could get some rest : Traore, Dembele, and Ndombele shouldn't take part in the game. With Lyon having some trouble winning against lower teams this season, 3.358 is for me a good odd to try.

Nimes VS Dijon : N2 @2.069

Two teams built to fight for their survival in ligue 1 and having ups and downs even during a match. Even if the championship ranking is telling the opposite, for me there isn't a big level difference between these two. Of course Nimes will have the advantage of playing home, but it doesn't look enough to me to get the N2 odd so high. The result is quite complicated to guess for me, meaning the N2 odd is good to take.

Monaco VS Nantes : 1 @1.9

Even if it has not been translate into good results, Monaco is playing a lot better since Jardim came back and with the new players recruited. Against Nantes who just lost 4-2 at home with winning 2-0 at half, I see an easy win for Monaco and want to take profit of the high odds Monaco will get before they drop down after better results.

Angers VS Nice : 2 @3.482

Angers have proved the past years that the are a reliable Ligue 1 team, ranked at the middle of the leaderboard and deserving it. On the other side you have Nice, close to playing the first roles but failing every year near to European qualification ranks. Nice is a team who is capable of the best and the worst depending on the matches, so when I see such an high odd for them against a weaker team, I go for it.

Lille VS Montpellier N @3.462

Here are the 2 most surprising team of the year, better ranked than anyone could expect. And this will therefore be a 6 points match for the run to the European qualification. None of them will accept to loose this match, and with Montpelier defending great, I see a tactical closed match, which should slip to one side or the other based on small details. This is why I take the draw.

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