Lets Hope It Isn't Boring

in #football5 months ago

Something to watch at least. Standards have been shockingly bad though and have slowly been getting worse each season.

Finally the English Football Association have given the green light to complete the 2019/2020 Premiership season. I think other countries like Holland will regret not completing theirs and falling for Ajax's con. That is how I saw it at the time as it guaranteed them Champions League football and that is all that really mattered to them.

The English FA has agreed to having 2 matches per club per week which will finish the season in around 10 weeks if all goes well. I just think it is more important to finish something you start especially when you are 75 percent through it already. It would make no sense scrapping it so far down the road.

Who cares if there are no fans at the grounds as there is something to fight for now. There are realistically 5 or 6 teams in with a chance of the top 4 placings earning them into the Champions League for next season. Tottenham were on a terrible slide ravaged by injuries and this break has done them a massive favor. I think out of all the teams they must be the happiest out of everyone. Chelsea and Manchester United are not the teams they once were and are very vulnerable and wouldn't be shocked if both don't make the top 4.

Relegation destined for 3 out of the bottom 6.
The teams at the bottom of the league tried to get the season cancelled as relegation will cost 3 teams plenty in lost revenue next season and longer if they don't bounce straight back up. I don't care who goes down as there are a whole host who don't deserve to stay up. Normally you stick up for the sides battling away yet I haven't seen any fight in them.

Nothing is guaranteed just yet even though Norwich have a small points deficit to make up. A run of two or three wins in a row would see them back in the mix. I didn't like what Brighton and West Ham were doing with the media during the break and even though I was born in Brighton they can be relegated as far as I am concerned.

When teams get found out trying to cover up their true intentions it normally back fires. I wouldn't be surprised if both Brighton and West Ham are relegated as their mindset was not on completing the season but more like getting it scrapped. Positive thoughts are required and they have been negative from day one of discussions.

I watched a German Bundesliga game today and honestly it was boring. There was back ground noise with drum beats, but it is not quite the same. I used to watch loads of the Premiership games before the break and doubt i will in two weeks time. If something is boring without loads of skill and goals I tend to fall asleep and in all honesty that is probably 70 percent of the teams in the Premiership. The standards have been dropping in class over the last few years in general and this season was lacking in overall class. Liverpool were outstanding and the only exception.

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