What is a Ritiro and Why Has It Hit the Headlines in Italian Football This Week.

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Ancelotti may be losing his job this week and the reason for it is a Ritiro. So what is it? A Ritiro normally happens in Italian football when the team are playing poorly. They go on a Ritiro which is a retreat for team building. A lock in in other worlds for the players to sort out their problems and hopefully the team will come out from the cave with different mindsets. It is an old fashioned and outdated technique but most Italian clubs still do it. It happened at Napoli last week.
Aurelio De Laurentiis the Napoli chairman demanded a Ritiro after Napoli 's 2-1 defeat by Roma. The team were to stay in their hotel until after the champions league match this week until they play Genoa on Saturday. Ancelotti disagreed with the decision but went with it. But the players responded by not joining him at the base which infuriated the Napoli hierarchy. So much so that they are taking legal action against the players and it may result in sackings. Seen that Ancelotti is ultimately responsible for his players the chairman may sack his manager. He ultimately sees it as an act of mutiny.
Ancelotti did not turn up for his obligatory press conference at the champions league match last night versus Red Bull Salzburg as his chairman has called for a media black out. This will result in a UEFA fine for not fulfilling obligations.
Ancelotti and De Laurentiis have been rumoured to be feuding and the manager is sick of De Laurentiis constantly coming to the dressing room with his famously fiery personality.
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It will be interesting how this one plays out but with a world class manager may be out of a job. Boca Juniors are very interested in getting the italian maestro to manage their club so we will wait and see how Napoli who are languishing in 7th place solve this one.


Chairman and owners shouldn't get involved in the man-management of players. It's down to the manager to sort out the dressing-room. Besides which if the atmosphere was that toxic then I'm not sure forcing people together is the best way to settle differences

yeah plus the wifes will not be best pleased if the father of their kids are holed up in a hotel singing Come by yah

Ancelotti can do better than this De Laurentiis cunt, I like Napoli but DL is ruing it.

Haven't heard that since I left UK, knob, hehe love it

Its the first I have heard of him today. He looks a bit of a knob alright

I love this post, somehow it conjured images of an opera singer screaming at his back up. The thought of being locked in, one can only imagine how much Limoncello must flow for their to be some peace or fights.
featuring in my upcoming curation post for being cool

Thanks a million . Limoncello . Hahah . Thats a drink close to my heart by the way. My Italian friend pays me a visit annually and he brings me a bottle of it that his father makes each time . 33% water 33% alcohol 33% lemon juice . Mother a gad. Its strong stuff . Many a black out was had .

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Wow I just hearing this for the first time

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