Lampard Means Business

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Look what I got my filthy mitts on. The Chelsea 1st Team Internal players fines for this year. It is no doubt that Frank Lampard is having a great season so far. He is forced to bring the young players through because of a transfer ban. So Frank has set down the rules and they hurt the pocket for a variety of different reasons.
The fact that he has issued this list has probably meant that there has been a level of ill discipline at the club. I love it myself as I think anyone that shows up late all the time is showing disrespect to the other person or the club. .
But the amount of money per fine just goes to show you how much these guys are earning. Late for start of training is 20k. Mother of god. That's an expensive sleep in. Phone ringing during meal or meeting is 1k. Late for team meetings is 500 quid per minute.
Not reporting an illness or injury incurs a 10k fine. I think Barcelona may learn this lesson with Dembele.
Screenshot 20191112 at 22.31.47.png
Players family and agents need to be authorised entry to training ground. I reckon this is a good rule too. I don't bring my wife to work.
Breakfast closes one hour before training with no take outs also.
All the fines are paid within 14 days or they double. The monies go to charities or team activities.
I think the fact that Lamps has a young upcoming team means these rules will make sure that his young players have structure and discipline. Chelsea are sitting third at the moment which is surprising as noone would of predicted it. But it seems Lamps has learned his trade at Derby and has bled the young players in.


Imagine trying to remember all these rules? I can almost gurantee half of the squad has been fined already.

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Just dint be late and thats half the battle

The rules makes a lot of sense and it will make player to respect him. Because no doubt he deserves it

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I think this kind of tactic works better when you’ve got a young side of less established stars. I can’t imagine some of the squads that Chelsea have had over the years would respond quite so well to this heavy handed approach!

Could be a reason he got rid of Luiz early

What are those fines like in terms of their salary? I know over here in like the NFL the fines are so small compared to what the players make that they don't even care when they break the rules. It is kind of a joke. In fact the fines for things like celebrations got to be such a laughing stock that they finally just started allowing them again.

An interesting review @blanchy.sports and I think that fines are needed, as this will support at least some kind of discipline!

Though I belief it will be difficult and very hard to follow all of the rule but it will surely help in maintaining and sustaining discipline in the team

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