Germany beat Sweden by 2-1!

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What a match between Germany vs Sweden!

Todays Germany vs Sweden match was important for both team to qualify to the knock out stage. Specially it was a really do or die match for Germany team.
Both team played really well to win the match. But in the match, the first strikes taken sweden to the german side at 31 min.
It was a great goal by the Sweden brilliant striker by beating manual nauer.
There is no doubt that manual nauer is brilliant goal keeper.He got the best goal keeping award in the previous world cup.
But German not stoped their attack. Tony Kroos,Thomas Mullar, Rues everyone tries really well.

What an attack after the Half time!

German team successful after the half time. This tine Rues strikes the goal for german team at 47 min.It was the 10 th goal oof Rues for German team.They were continued their strikes again again. The supporter of German thoughts this match will be drawn and it will tough for german to qualify in the next round. But germany proved that why they are champion. At the last moment of the match Tony Kroos got a free kick and he amazingly does the free kick and german get their 2nd goal and the winning goal for the team. It was really outstanding goal from tony kroos. Germany got one red card in this match.
But whatever they eon the match by their outstanding performance.

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germany strong to sweden

yes bro,you are right

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