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Chocolate is the food which turned Prima Donna has many benefits, especially dark chocholate Brown or black.

Fine cuisine is perhaps one of the best things to be consumed every day because more research found the benefits of his health.

Reported by the Techtimes, the chocolate of this type has a higher cocoa content and does not contain dairy products.

In addition, dark chocolate is also considered a ' superfood ' thanks to a million benefits in it.

So no wonder many dieticians suggest to add these foods in the diet program.

Dark chocolate is also considered aternatif are healthier than milk chocolate.

New research shows, dark chocolate with a high cocoa concentration can help improve a person's memory.

Even mentioning this food research, can help a person improve the level of immunity and reduce stress levels.

Dr. Lee s. Berk of Loma Linda University, u.s., and his team did two studies that showed a high cocoa content, on a plain chocolate have a positive impact for humans.

One of the research focuses on the impact of 70 percent cocoa chocolate consumption on the human immune system and gene expression of dendritic cells.

The results show, eat chocolate increase the activation of T cells, cellular and immune response genes involved with nerve signals and sensory perception increased.

Meanwhile, a second research shows an increase in behavioral and brain health thanks to the consumption of chocolate.

"All this research shows us, the higher the concentration of cocoa, the positive impact on cognition, memory, mood, immunity and other beneficial effects, " said Berk.

Berk emphasizes, further research is still needed on a larger population to confirm the findings.

In addition to the latest findings from this research, dark chocholate is also believed capable of lowering the blood pressure and the risk of developing diabetes.

It can also prevent a variety of diseases that occur as certain cancers, cardiovascular disease, and degenerative disorders associated with age.

For women, dark chocolate is said to help cope with menstrual cramps.

Dark chocholate turned out to help increase sexual drive and helps lose weight.

This type of chocolate is also good for the heart because it contains large amounts of fiber and antioxidants that nourish the heart.

In fact, dark chocholate can help one sleep better at night.

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