As I try to develop various forms of my photography skills I am becoming more and more fascinated with what looks the most appealing when it comes to food and food styling.

Taking a sharp, well lit photo is one thing but understanding the nuances of how the colours and angles of the food need to flow is something entirely different. I feel like in some ways its similar to architectural photography. You build it and find the best lines to shoot so that the images portray a certain feel and in the case of food make people want to eat it.




These three images only have slight differences but I feel they each convey a different feel and look.

I'd love to here your thoughts. Thanks for reading.


From more images and stories -


Food that looks good always attracts.

I am also a food lover a dreaming to become the best chef for my family. This is one of my recipe

Have you played around with vectors? The most interesting thing in these photos, visually, are the pita (tortilla?) wedges.

When it comes to photography, you can play around with how to lead people to what you want them to see. In this case, if you look at these wedges as 'arrows pointing', you actually have them, the way they currently are, pointing AWAY from the food.

If they were flipped, they'd be leading the eye toward the food -- or something even more specific within that bowl.

An idea to ponder...

Thanks for the tips. I appreciate it.

Excellent food photography

Well these photos make the food look divine! Very artistic.

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Hungry just when saw it - working well! Great job!

Good foood! 👌

delicious,nutritious and nice photos

I think with your photography skills you could make a plate of dirt look appetizing!
smileys hat.jpg

Great shots @scottdphoto. I don't know much about photography except using my phone to take selfies and pics of features around me.
Great to know the effort you input to bring out every single color. Honestly I feel I need to purchase a good camera to take a pic bringing out every feature of the colors.

Mouthwatering food..looks delicious

Very good taste of food photography, making people hungry and crave for the food upon seeing the photos.
This is a very good way of promoting a food business, a very good taste of food photography.
Job well done @scottdphoto

they all look so good

My mouth is watering to see the foods. Yam Yam....Nice creativity. Thanks for sharing the awesome photography.

Really splendid food and looking so nice.......

Wow amazing pictures! What camera did you use to take them? Definitely will be following, although it will make me hungry haha :)

DUDE. Wish I had found this earlier! Looks AMAZING.