Steemit BANDWIDTH restriction - can anyone explain why I got locked out?

in #foodphotography3 years ago (edited)

Yesterday I was hit with the message from Steemit that my bandwidth is overshot so I need to wait to post again...!!?!

It happened after I post this article, which have a large no of unedited, original, pictures (its about cooking a special recipe):

I did some research and it seems one cannot post indefinitely - at some moment in time you will get locked out !!!

I thought the whole purpose of Steemit is to allow people to comment and upload things freely as much as they want and as often as they choose...but it is not. SADLY. Because it somehow hinders you being too active on the network. Some even say its like that to prevent the "whales" to post like crazy... but I am NOT a whale :)

But - this is goo to know - if you WAIT enough time it will reset the limit. So you DO NOT have to PAY to get more bandwidth! Or perhaps you can, although you can do without it.

So I just waited over the night and the counter re-settled by itself.

You can check for yourself your own bandwidth by going to this address:

Also, there are a bunch of data I personally do not understand much...just that I have used more than the avergae market probably I will have to edit the pictures/content to be less full HD...witch is a pity...

Anyone else (older on steem - I am just litte over 2 weeks) knows more details about this issue?
Please post below!

Thank you,


I have bookmarked this post and referred to it when someone talked about bandwidth...It is 28 days old, but it is very helpful to understand why...

You can also do a search on Google and find other posts..

Great! Thank you for the info (upvoted).

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