Unforgettable Soup......

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Tortilla Soup has so much charm and encompasses so many things we love best in Mexican cooking. My favorite part is the toppings ... avocado, cheese, sour cream, tortilla chips... Yummy







This soup is like a version of your favorite enchilada. I highly recommend it.

Recipe ...

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Every Moment Matters @kamimorrow


This looks good.

Thanks, It tastes just as good as it looks.

Yummy! 💛😊

Thanks and good wishes....

It looks very interesting recipe. I'm curious about the taste but sadly I cannot eat this coz no one will prepare for me because I'm too busy...

They sell a good fresh one at Costco. If you have one

Wao enak tuh makanan soupnya..

Thanks... me too...

Great post, I think I could make it, well sort of.

Yummm it's totally worth it.. also they sell a good one at cosco

Wonderful color in your photography, it looks delicious. Well done.

Thank you....

mouth watering in cold weather

Yes definitely... Thanks

Thanks and good wishes

I love mexican food, I live in Mexico;)
Follow you and have a nice day;)

Thanks and good wishes.....

Nice photography And thanks for sharing this food with us I wish you all the best

Thank you....

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This looks yummy. I love tortilla chips! Makes me hungry @kamimorrow. Hahaha!

the colors made it more yummy

i better should try this one!

Thanks for sharing the recipe! Looks delish!

Wow, that looks so yummy @kamimorrow. You are making me hungry.

Thank you... me too ☺

Hmm that looks delicious

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delicious fruit soup, good morning greetings success from me

Now I'm hungry!
Thank you for sharing this. Really look yummy!

Thanks and good wishes

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this soup looks so yummy. salivating already and hope to visit for my own share. thanks for sharing dear. keep it up

yum! i want to try one. 😁

look so yummy 😍

I could have a bit of this indeed :) thx for posting nd enjoy your day ofc :) follow back ofc :)

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