Sumo Citrus

We came across a new fruit today in our market. They were Sumo Citrus Mandarins. Also called (Dekopon)

It is a seedless and very sweet variety of the Mandarin Orange. Developed in Japan, they are a hybrid between a Kiyomi and a Ponkan.



We just loved trying these. They were delightfully sweet and not tart at all. They are quite larger than typical mandarins. One was almost a pound, two were enough to feed the whole family. Definitely try this delightful fruit....




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Yes , definitely... Thanks and good wishes

Hi, they are looking really fresh and delicious! Can almost smell their fruitiness just by looking at the pics! A big bonus is that they are seedless.
Cu, Chris

Yes so true... 🌞

Nice pics.followed and upvoted.tnx

Thanks and good wishes...

Yes definitely.... Thanks

I have never seen mandarins so large like that. Here is Bangkok, we have some that are very tiny instead! You took beautiful photos. Good luck for the contest!

Thanks for your support. How fun to learn about different countries. Thanks for sharing

fresh orange, and very much vitamin C

Yes definitely....

Yes they are so yummy...

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