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This was delicious. French toast is bread dipped in a mixture of eggs cream cinnamon and melted butter. Prepared in a frying pan with melted butter. Mine was glutenfree bread and then topped with sugar free pancake syrup fresh strawberries and cool whip. The cup did have tea in it earl grey tea with some cream. You should definitely try it. It's a quick easy breakfast.

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Thanks for the detailed response! Yum that sounded super tasty! Great idea I might try it soon. Especially the whip and strawberries that made it look like a breakfast that I want to try. Haha cream in earl grey tea? Never heard of! Will probably be very easy to do one you get into the flow of it. Need to make my local coffee place to sell this kind of breakfast. They only do mozzarella omelets for now and some other local specialties! Great that I searched for this XP tag it had some solid stuff inside of it!