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Hey Steemers!

Now the cold weather is truly setting in, pasties and pies are the perfect comfort food to warm up. We have been talking about making some yummy pastry treats since we got the new oven and today we finally put it to the test!

I haven't had a cheese and onion pasty in so long so I knew it was the only option when it came to the filling. I altered it a bit by using leek instead of onion, which I actually prefer.


My partner made the best shortcrust pastry ever, perfectly crumbly and delicious. The kitchen smelt like a real life bakery and the result was exactly what I was hoping for! Couldn't ask for more.

I hope everyone is having a great start to the weekend :D


Look amazing. Good for eating with evening tea.

Thanks @aveshnaik007! It was a perfect lunch, I had the leftover pasty for my evening meal too. Even better when cold!

Even when it is raining and your setting, watching the rain and having your tea with this hot pasty would be awesome.

Totally agree!

Wow these look AMAZING

Thank you @sallybeth23 :D
I always appreciate your resteem! <3

The food is very enticing :)

I'm glad you think so @daisydelta :D thanks for stopping by!

I use leeks instead of onion in many of my dishes. I love the mild flavour.

Yessss me too @cecicastor!

Though I really enjoy the mellow flavour of Spanish onions (which are pretty much the only white/yellow onions available to me), leeks will always hold a special place in my heart. They were perfect for these pasties!

Thanks —-looks so good . Resteemed !

Thank you very much for your support/resteem @rek5767!
I'm happy you liked my post :)

Mmmmmmmmmm..... looks tasty! Is that a little cheese shaped pastry decoration?

Thanks, it sure was @magiccleatus!

Yes it is a little wedge of cheese, very well spotted ;)

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Terima kasih telah mengingatkan kami hari ini adalah akhir pekan

Anda dipersilakan, saya harap Anda menikmatinya! (I hope I wrote this correctly)

Beautiful, looking perfect...

Thank you very much @evendesign :D

This looks amazing!! :)

Glad you think so @nina.ser! They were delicious :)

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