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Zaatar Marinated Roast Chicken is a lovely roasted chicken breast with Arabic flavors. Served over a bed of quinoa, this is a delicious, healthy dish.

Available at 1BHK - Bar Haute Kitchen, Pune, India

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My husband loves Zaatar, a Lebanese friend of ours just brought him some as a gift. He loves it with bread and olive oil but I want make this chicken for him.
How can I see the recipe? -up-voted and following

Hi @jamila-ym,
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Yes, Zaatar is a beautiful spice. This one is quite simple to make - Use a chicken breast. Lightly bathe it in olive oil. Sprinkle salt, pepper, zaatar spice and rosemary (i used dried rosemary as its easy to crush) - add some chilli flakes if you like some hot-spicyness :) - on the breast, and grill it - you can grill it on the stove top or in the oven. If using a stove top, put a light coat of butter on the pan - adds a lovely dimension of flavor. Once done, sprinkle a few twigs of rosemary and you are sorted :)

Also, make some herb butter - melt some butter, add the zaatar, rosemary, thyme and just let it simmer for a few seconds while the butter soaks it up. Top off the breast with the herb butter.

Served on a bed of quinoa , with salads

PS: I didnt make this. I ate it at a friend's restaurant. The Chef is a good close personal friend of mine, and shared the recipe.