This is very nice. Believe me, it's very cute. I like how the pillotos did. Are those orange or mandarin oranges? I like these things a lot lately it has become very common to make these fabulous things with fruits

It was oranges. : )

Very good choice, the truth is a lot of creativity here

This looks so good right now. Nice, cold melon!!

Aw... That's so cute. I wouldn't be able to eat those faces!!!!

Hello Friend how are you? how was your weekend? wow what a beautiful gift delicious and nutritious thank you for sharing, greetings!

Im greatful that Steemit is filled with people that appreciate good food. You should crack open a IPA and celebrate a great meal.

Very apetitno and beautifully looks. An interesting composition turned out..

I like it when they make these kind of gifts, sometimes they usually give out bouquets that instead of flowers bring many fruits that is very rich and healthy, I liked the way they did the animals if they have a lot of creativity, to eat fruits

Woww creative idea . Beautiful job ❤ @altportal

a beautiful sculpture of fruits

I loved this picture and especially all those fruits. regards

It looks delicious and cute too 😂 @altportal

It looks very nice and delicious

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