Vegetarian quick bread

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Hello dear steemit readers!!
It's been awhile since I posted my last post. it have been quite a week for me, I was so busy with life and I did not have the time or mental and physical energy to think of cool creation to share with you all. However today I'll would like to share a extremely straight forward recipe I have created myself and been using for awhile now. Many people knows how to make a quick bread, so this post is mainly for those who just wanna try a new recipe or wish to learn how to make a quick bread,

vegetarian quick bread

Like the title suggested, it's vegetarian and it's quick and easy to make. All you need is a mixing bowl, a silicon spatula and a bread mold. No much cleaning needed. Ingredients are pretty straight forward too, I'll share with you all the ingredients below. Oh and before I share with all of you the recipe, you may have to adjust it alittle. That's because, It's my own creation and I measure based on feel and exprience. Not to worry though, the recipe I will provide is almost accurate.


All purpose flour -200gm
Sugar -50gm or your prefer sweetness
Citric acid -2 teaspoon
Sodium bicarbonate- 3 teaspoon
Salt- 5gm
Water- 150ml or until it's almost like pancake batter but only dryer


Coffee syrup/ vanilla essence/ chocolate chips/ banana


  1. In a clean mixing bowl mix in all the ingredients except for water and the optional ingredients, mix well until no lumps is found.

  2. Slow pour the water into the dry ingredients, make sure to do it in quarter for easy mixing. Once the water and dry ingredients is silky smooth, add the optional ingredients. Transfer to the bread mold.

  3. Bake in a preheat oven at 200c or 390f for 1 hour. Then reduce the heat to 150c or 300f and bake for another hour. Remember to rotate the bread mold half way in the baking process.

  4. Once it out from the oven, let the bread cool on a cooling rack until room temperature before slicing. Enjoy with any spread or jam of your liking!

Hope all of your enjoy this short blog, feel free to ask me any thing about this recipe below.
Have a great day, cheers!!

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Very good bread recipe!

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Nice! And so simple too! Can I do the same with wholemeal flour, and by citric is that in pure form? Or would any vinegar or lemon/lime substitute work?


Yes you can but you have to add more liquid to the batter, whole meal flour tend to absorbs more liquid.

Citric acid is the extracted from citric fruits like lemon, yes you can use other acidic liquid. I would add about 2 tablespoon to the batter at the very end before baking!


Cool! Thank you so much for these tips. Will have to give it a try!