Food Log, 1st of September 2018

in foodlog •  3 months ago


Diet Mantra: think before you eat.

Intermittent fasting window: 7 pm — 11 am

Eat food, mostly plants, not too much.

No sugar: check
Little alcohol: check
Meat once per week: check
7-minute workout: missed

92.3 kg
21.4 %
1403 kcal

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how do you eat these type of raw foods we asian like fast food burgers etc


Really? I love the Asian cuisine​. But a burger once in a while is great too, but probably not that healthy :)

Hi bro, I can eat all of that, but not pepsi 🤣 hehehe. I prefer coca-cola. Where is the alcohol?


Hehe, no alcohol today. And the Pepsi was a rare exception :)

This looks damn tasty.

you are all ways carry your drinks with your meal... I love eat rice..