Time and spreading it out nicely. Steemit included!

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Hello fellow steemians, we have decided on 3 or 4 gardens of food for us this year.

We had 2 last year plus the raspberry patch, this year though I am growing a bigger variety of food so went for more space.

This is separate from the food is free project, that already has a few hundred thousand or more seeds spread now, and is only a waiting game, though I have bought a few hundred different seeds and bulbs to plant next to the fields, for the bees.

Back to the new gardens, I planted onions, peas, strawberry plants, tomato plants and a few others already last week, and now moving on to garden number 2.


25 minibel tomatoes to go outside next week fingers crossed and 50 gladioli to line a part of 1 field.
We bought a lot more seeds than this yesterday though the good lady seems to still have them in her bag & she is out for the morning.2348126.gif


I have 50 lavender plants to water today and get started.

Not sure of all the seeds we bought yesterday, I know one lot will not appeal to freebornangel as they are Brussels sprouts, then there was cucumber and another.
We already have.

  • Grapes.>
  • 3 apple orchards (cider home made) YES indeed.
  • raspberry patch.
  • a mint garden.
  • Various other fruit trees.


update this is the rest of the seeds to be planted. Have a fantastic week good people.

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Awesome to see! Here's to an exciting year of growth and abundance. Have you looked into using heirloom seeds. They will be best for seed saving so you can multiply your seedbank for future seasons and/or trading with others. Onward and upward! I'm resteeming this for sure!


Thank you my friend, I will for sure look into heirloom seeds, as I need to start keeping seeds instead of keep buying them every year, thank you for the top tip.

It must make you proud of the hard work you put into your farming when you see everything growing and blooming; I'd like to do something like this when I have my own garden.


Not many better feelings in the world bro, and I also like the fact I know there was zero chemicals used on any of these, also non are gmo crap, the only bug spray I use I make from nettles, most insects do not like nettles so it seems to work fine.


Mostly for personal use?


I give away what I have extra, and the cider I share also with anyone that wants some.

Blech! Brussel sprouts!
They should be banned from the earth!
Make chocolate not brussel sprouts!
Blech, just the idea,....

Good going on the free food.
When food is free everything else can be too.

Good luck with the growing, I'm having a go too this year. Just some runner beans, red potatoes and butternut squash as I'm still wet behind the ears :)


It is a good start bro, I was like that when I lived in Birmingham, I only grew tomatoes (which I do not even eat) and potatoes, though now I have a farm and all this land it is much more fun to do, the grapes and apple orchards plus raspberries were all planted here long before I arrived. I am into my 4th year of learning how to grow and in what soil types, still learning and enjoying the lessons.


That's quite a head start you had ;)
My squash and tatty seeds still haven't sprouted out yet. I brought them indoors the other day as this 'global warming' [cough, cough] we've been having lately isn't conducive to germination ;)

No doubt I'll be posting once some green shoots appear :)
(unless they've all rotted in the last 2 weeks)