I ate a little steak today, and they had cooked it perfectly!

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I found a local steakhouse (Santa Fe Cattle company) That serves a 22 ounce T Bone steak. It was seasoned perfectly, and comes with a nice salad and a sweet potato.

Looked like this:
Their seasoning is good enough I didn't need and steak sauce. Their salad dressing has chunks of blue cheese, and is freshly made. The dinner rolls are hot, and made daily.

I can't eat there every day, but I will go back soon! If you have one locally; you just have to try this out, well worth the trip....

They have a longhorn out front:
So, keep your eyes peeled, and you may find some good food behind the longhorn!



Looks good and thanks for the idea of a salad dressing with blue cheese 💙

Blue cheese dressing is my favorite! I think it's one of the reasons I like salad so much.

It was really good oh, I enjoyed every bite! A my puppy dog was thrilled when I brought him the bone out of that steak, LOL!


Hello there, so good to be back and see you active

Hi, it is good to see you back. I've been wondering about you! Are you on hive also or palnet?

Still here having fun, but steemit is starting to censor some stuff; so many have left.


Hi there, it's good to be back, I am not on hive or palnet get, I will start there if you suggest. Also, I tried logging in to weku last night but it showed some error, is it good now? Also, is weku live finally?

Hive and palnet is the old steemit, and they are beginning to censor here. Weku has crashed recently, and is expected to recover. They haven't launched yet....

Www.liiighthouse.com is launching soon, looks interesting.

Great to see you back!


Do you think I should get to hive and palnet? Or the link you shared is better than the two?
It's good to see you again too and I hope janton is doing good

The link isn't running yet but it's closed. I would get on hive.blog and Palnet. That is the old steemit. I usually post on hive. Blog, and then copy paste to steam it only because I'm hard-headed.


Hi there, not sure if I am replying to the right comment, it's been long I have kind of forgotten the system here, but I am trying to get some time out of my work and start freelancing again as well as some time here and on hive and palnet that you suggested. If you see this, please email me

Got it, working just fine! Good to see you back online again. Glad you're adding palnet and hive, i usually post all three places.


Hi there sir, have been busy with work lately. How are you ? Any news about janton?
I tried weku but it still didn't open

Good to hear from you! Janton is on palet and hive, I was just taking to him. Weku is down, and doesn't look like it will recover. I hope I can get some of the crypto out that I have in there!

My wife is very sick, and I'm trying to get her healed up again; but I'm doing fine!


Is steemit censoring stuff? What is it that they censor? I hope our boy hasn't left yet, how is he?

Yes statement lost about two-thirds of the users when they started censoring and their crypto took a big hit. I'm just here cuz I'm hard-headed.

Trump is still in for another nine days, then Satan takes over to his minions, shake my head!


I personally thought anyone would be better than Trump but with what you sound like, I now feel none is, they are all the same

The current people moving into power, are fascists and want to be tyrants. At least Trump stayed within the Constitution. These new ones intend to use the Constitution for toilet paper! Are there really evil people, and should be in prison as a minimum.