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It is going to be a year soon when we were on lock down and this pandemic had us all feeling depressed and lonely. Sometimes tired for no apparent reason. We had done everything we know to keep us entertained and busy but the blues are not going away. Sometimes we order food online to binge or simply have a taste of the food we miss.
Some are our comfort food like a crunchy chicken and some fries. These chicken are not looking particularly crunchy though but they do taste good just like how I want them.
The lasagna is the favorite of my daughter. I am not liking it but there are other food options available so I could not complain. We called on our siblings who live just right next to us and ate together. I miss meeting together having some food and talk to real people face to face.
Here is the pizza which is a staple on most of our gatherings. Delivery took longer than usual so this pizza does not look that appetizing in photos and in real life.
The iced tea came in this containers which I like. I did not like the taste as it lack that brewed taste to it. It is almost there but I want more of that taste. Other iced teas we tried tasted better.

That is it guys how about you? how do you deal with your current situation?
Until next time. Hive On


Woah! It's simply mouth-watering. But, I feel that only junk and fast food will make you obese. So, I have found Gulf Fruits where I can order any fruits and vegetables online at an easy price. So, we need to balance our diet to make us healthy without dissatisfying our taste buds.

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