Laughing is a good friend.

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Are you happy with your life now?

Happy or not it is depend on what do you see and what do you think about it.
I have a story to tell you. And could you tell me back What Did you see in my story?

Today we went to the playground at shopping mall. I saw two little adorable girls holding each other hand walking down from the stairs. One is about 4 and another is like 5 years old .
"How cute are They!"
"Look the older one can take care of her younger sister. So cute! "
I said to my boyfriend.
Suddenly the older sister dragged her little sister walking on the foam floor while the inflatable rolling ball screwing on that way. Boom! It hit both of them. The two sisters laid down on the floor and their daddy quickly run to pulled them out from it. None of them did not cry instead they laughing to each other.
This is very cute funny and happy moment for us. We cannot keep our smile inside at all


Hard or easy is your choice.

Life is not too hard to live. It's not hard to learn. It's not hard to keep moving. It's not hard to smile. Do not think about the future too much cause you will forget about present. Let it go or let it be. Good or bad is the part of life. Trying to forget to carry your burdens. Leave it on somewhere. Time can fixed it to be better.


Do not forget to laugh whatever is going on!


When you are child you can say you can laugh on any occasion. But when you are young you having responsibilities its hard to enjoy every moment. Yes you can enjoy most of the moment you can laugh most of time. But some time thoughts also win, thought of salary , thought of work thought of fee thought of child problems ..etc

You're right. When we grow up all we think about is money. We tied ourself with it. We work with it. Then we forgot our childhoods that still belong inside. We forgot to laugh, enjoy and happy. It's not easy to control thoughts but it's not to hard to try to handle it.

Thank you for your lovely comment. I'm glad to see your opinions. 😄

You've finally figured out what Pinocchio and Robotboy couldn't.

Ninra , now I am following you , your post are interesting, keep sharing

Thank you so much @usman119 🎈
I'm happy that you like it. 🤗

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great story im happy for you

Thank you @gclipse😊

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