The menu of breaking fast today

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Hello everyone !
Fasting is a duty for all Muslims, whether men or women who have been baleg, or refrain from eating and drinking for a prescribed time. Breaking the fast is a time for Muslims and Muslims to cancel the fast they have done that day. In addition to fasting intentions that have been done at the beginning and some other fasting pillars, it is time to break the fast also become one of the pillars to be done. It is illegal for a Muslim to fast without breaking in the right time. Currently it is usually the most we are waiting for is not it. Various food recipes, takjil recipes and fasting drinks would have been prepared to welcome him. This time we will provide a variety of fasting menus that are practical, healthy and delicious for the family. Which is in the picture below is my fasting menu on this day, there is cooking rice, risol, kolak and there is also escampur.





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My goodness does that look amazing I could just eat it all right now as we’re speaking heck I may even be in that kitchen as you’re reading this…I mean hypothetically of course

Ek teuh sang jol.. haha