Team Malaysia | Last Meetup of 2018

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Photo taken by @bitrocker2020

Team Malaysia's Last Meetup

And it was an early one at that.... Apparently, @aaronleang said that we've always been only having meetups for lunch, dinner and supper that we have never tried one for breakfast. It was just yesterday morning that I had to wake up at 8am on a Saturday to get my tummy ready for dim sum. It was all good because I would still want to make it for the last Team Malaysia meetup of the year.

It has indeed been a great run for Team Malaysia in 2018

@aaronleang and @joannewong planned to meetup at a famous dim sum restaurant called Foo Hing Dim Sum and it was crazy packed. Even when we were leaving, the place was still crowded on both floors with people. The dim sum was good and I know that @redpalestino is craving for some. We'll meet up again for dim sum when he comes back to Malaysia.

crowded place

So in Malaysia, how the dim sums are served is that each waiter would carry a tray of unique dim sums to your table and you would just need to take from the tray the dim sum that you want. If you need any special orders, you can just holla at them and they'll come take your order. It's a busy place and you can see the yellow shirt peeps running around serving from table to table.

This is their delicious egg tart 'sunbathing' in the heated shelves. The crust is crisp to perfection and the eggtart is so soft and smooth. Definitely a must try when you come to this place.


Now that is what my table ordered. Top left dim sum is called 'siew mai' which is a MUST eat when you come to dim sum restaurants. Well, that's the whole point of coming to a dim sum place. Then there's 'har gao' which means prawn dumplings. We have carrot cake, yam, smoked duck, custard bun, chee chiong fun and actually we ordered more after this first round.

delicious carrot cake

Chee Chiong Fun

It was a good last meal with them

The food was good with great company. Many new and old Team Malaysia members came and I was happy to actually meet @helenoftroy for the first time. I have been contacting with her on and off for months and she finally made it for this meetup. The rest are the Team Malaysia usuals like @bitrocker2020, @ireenchew, @superoo7, @fundurian, @awesomianist, @khimgoh, @vaelriey, @littlenewthings, @buzz.lightyear, @aaronleang, @joannewong and @alvinauh. We managed to book two tables booked.

Before I end this short little post, I just want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR just in case I missed it tomorrow from all the drinking and partying! I want to wish you much blessings and love,joy and peace for 2019!

Photo by @bitrocker2020

Thank You

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Happy New Year and Birthday once again! And good meetings to come. I know teams like #teammalaysia are pretty big and yet it's fun to see so many smiling people together at a live meeting somehow connected to the blockchain.

I wish someday I may do something like this with people around. Not many active neighbors yet. Some have come and gone, some stay but some more interaction and common projects would be nice. I mean I'd like to follow your example. Keep it up!


It is definitely a JOY to meetup with passionate Steemians. It is very quiet ever since Steem hit the low rates but you'll see these people coming back when the rates rises. :D

The only way to close a year for a foodie :D
Here's to a fabulous 2019 Zord :D


Thanks @kaerpediem, join us next


What's The Plan? The Plan?
hahaha, said in that voice from Fantasy Island... but I am thinking you might be too young for that :)


Hahah I really don't know wat's that... :D Yea.. you fancy Korean BBQ?


Oh in that case let me share this with you

The 40th second .... just like that😂😂

You choose the place and let me know
I am not fussed 😊

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I see pastel de Nata. I have associations with last year’s steefest2))) It's so great when congenial people get together! I'm still waiting to get together in Moscow.


Ohhhh.... it's called pastel de nata. Here we just call it eggtart. :D Hope u have a good meetup

Oh look at that ... you got food pics!! And you even took time to describe the ambiance 😉 I’m glad you did ... I missed most of it keeping an eye on the twins 😂

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Hahaha, I'm sure the ambience from your twins and the place is almost the same... busy! Hahaha :P


Lol, so true! 😂

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Wow! Everything looks so delicious. I envision having a 5 hour meal there!

Namaste, JaiChai

Happy holiday @zord189, wish you all the best for your bright future. #steemitbloggers


Thanks, wish you the best too

Congratulations @zord189!
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Hello the food looks soooo delicious and you all looks so happy seems you all had a great time:)happy new year:)


Thanks :) Happy new year to you too!

You guys look like you are having a great time. Happy New Year. May 2019 be as good as or better than the last.


Thank you! You too :D

That must have been a great meetup before the year ended. May you Have a blessed and prosperous New Year ahead! Thanks for everything that you've been doing for the SB family!


thank you @sgbonus, Happy New Year to you too!

Beautiful faces of beautiful people!

And - oh, you have pastel de nata (egg tarts) in Malaysia too, just like in Portugal?! You're so lucky!!

Happy New Year, @zord189 and #teammalaysia!


Haha I bet portugal eggtarts are the bomb! :D Thanks and Happy New year to you too