Gosh, I Miss Eating Out

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A simple fried chicken and french fries seasoned with kimchi

You're in for a treat

This post is known to spike your acid levels in your tummy getting ready for you to give it some delicious food. If you don't eat soon, you'll get gastric, so it's best to go find that delicious craving of yours before its too late.

These are all taken from my instagram account. Just flipping through the photos didn't help in curbing the days i miss spending outside having good food. Now that Malaysia is in its conditional movement control order, we are allowed to dine in restaurants but are not encouraged to do so. I don't think it's also a need to risk my life by getting out there. I can wait but these food photos are just....dayum delicious.

Eat my Photos

Chicken and lamb sharwarma with basmati rice

Seafood Crepe

Big breakfast crepe filled with golden hashbrown, grilled chicken breast and scrambled eggs.

Chimi Churri - mix ingredients of beef brisket, pasta, fresh onions, couscous, cucumber, green pepper, lettuce top with rendang and sweet sesame sauce.

Siam noodles with fried chicken drizzled with skin crispy and sambal.

A tower of soy garlic Korean fried chicken

My breakfast, iced coffee and nasi lemak rendang

Curry mee with pork blood cubes, tofu and pork meat

How are we doing? Everything good? I guess I'll show you guys a little breather, a dessert that's famous in Malaysia and known for having it on a sunny day. The Cendol.

Cendol topped with kidney beans, corn, cendol, shaved iced and gula malacca for sweetness.

Chicken, Lamb and beef satay

Creamy pesto pasta with grilled chicken.

Char siew (charred pork) with wantan noodles.

Pork belly and beef

My daily staple food portion. Mix rice. Believe it or not, it's vegetarian.

Chicken breast, mash peas, creamy butter sauce, rendang sauce, sweet sesame, onions, carrots, roasted vegetables and pasta.

Vegetarian fried rice.


Fishbowl : salmon, sesame, japanese seaweed, walnut, lettuce, cucumber, sushi rice.

Pork belly

Homemade cheesy meatball bolognese spaghetti...

The best matcha lava cake in the world!

BBQ wieners

Bah Kut Teh is a Chinese traditional dish where the soup is boiled for hours with pork and herbal essences.

Claypot rice with taiwanese sausage on top and chicken

Last but not least, beef tacos.

Soo.... wanna taco bout it?

Well, this is not even near the end but I will compile more food photos for you guys again in another post. I think that's enough for one day. I really miss eating out and it's been almost 2 months now that I'm lockdown from the covid19 situation.

Cheers to the weekend.


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