2020 Food-travaganza

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First homecook meal of 2020

The Year of 2020

I do hope year 2020 would be a good one and I'm sure a lot of you who know me, would know that I LOVE food. My Instagram is flooded with food photos and very few of my own selfies. Even if I had a selfie, it would be in front of a lot of Food to a point I don't really mind calling myself a 'foodie'.

Every now and then my friends would bug me asking, 'Hey Zord! Where did you eat that food on one of your photos?' And I would gladly let them know. I'm still in search for all hidden gems in my country and would definitely share them from time to time. I believed I've shared a few food posts previously, literally JUST 20-30 food photos that I've eaten over the months so I thought why not share the food photos to end 2019 and into the New Year!

In Malaysia, we celebrate almost everything with food on the table or catering. It is a norm here that we have food because it makes people happy and it helps us bond. I guess one thing we can all agree about is that 'a happy tummy is a happy person'. So lo and behold, I bring to you my collection of food-travaganza over the months.

Sushi Day

Sushi Day

Sushi Day

Seafood poured in front of us

Christmas Party in church

Fluffy pancakes with walnut, banana, cranberry and apple crumble

Fish burger at Common Man Coffee Roasters

Pork sirloin rice

Soya matcha red bean and pearl dessert at Snowflakes

First time making crispy roasted pork

Famous croissants for my Christmas party

Wedding luncheon

Wedding luncheon

Wedding luncheon

Wedding luncheon

Wedding luncheon

Wedding luncheon

A friend treated me to an expensive seafood lunch

Bamboo clam

5 types of lobster serving

Kam heong oyster


Scallop with vegetables

Buttermilk chicken with rice

Famous cendol dessert from Malacca

I want to take this chance to also wish every one of you a Happy New Year and I hope the journey ahead be it on Steem or your own personal life would be full of abundance and blessings. I pray that God will keep you and your family healthy and safe wherever you go and whatever endeavour you are/will be going through would be successful.

Have a great year ahead fam!

Thank You

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🤤Food pics overloaded. You just made me hungry at this hour 😂
Happy New Year @zord189 !

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Hahah that was my plan all along :P Happy New Year

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In Malaysia, whether we have a reason to celebrate or not, food is always the way to do.. That's why we always greet someone else by Sudah Makan kah ?

Hahah that's true! Now that u mention it, the 'have you eaten?' is like the first topic.

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