SWEET recipes made with BEANS???

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Two months ago, when I went on acupuncture, cupping and massage, I talked to a woman who worked there about healthy diet ('cause she is actually the one who lead me to a healthy food path. I asked her which ingredient to use to make healthy muffins, to replace wheat flour. She told me: You wouldn't believe this, but when I tried black bean muffins, I couldn't believe it's actually because of black beans! The best muffins I ever tried! I couldn't believe too, what she was saying. Well, since I haven't made good muffins for a long time, I decided to make muffins with beans! I didn't use black beans, but red beans and it doesn't make any difference in a flavor.


Aaaand, the muffins were amazing!! Really, amazing!!! Fascinating, surprisingly good! I immediately fell in love. My boyfriend and I ate it all in 2 days (I made a lot of muffins) and 2 days later I made more and recorded this video!



I've seen lots of recipes after discovering the bean muffins recipe and I could post hundreds of recipes here, but I will mention one Steemian @chiaandgreen who've made Fudgy Gluten Free Turtle Swirl Brownies with a secret ingredient - BLACK BEANS! Unfortunately, I still didn't try this recipe, but I hope I will soon! Maybe next week!!! And I assure you I will share it with you!


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wow ... very tasty, may i try it at home


you really should!! ^^

Thank you so much for the shout out!
I love bean desserts, but I haven't tried muffins yet; I'm excited to give these a try!


you're welcome! you deserve it, because you have great recipes and ideas!! ^^