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In general, a ball inside coconut is very common. It is coconut kernel and can be eaten directly, and its taste is sweet and delicious, but the coconut kernel with sprouts can't eat. Let's have a look at it.

In the germinated coconut, there is a ball of flesh color. This ball is called coconut kernel, pearl core, coconut cake and coconut treasure. It looks like sponge and cotton candy. It can be eaten directly, crispy, crispy, sweet, and coconut flavor is very strong. But this sprouting only when some old coconut leaves to eat not bud burst, if bud leaves, you must not eat coconut cake, which contains certain toxins, suggest that coconut leaves grow directly on the ground, maybe ten years later can also harvest a tree coconut tree.

  1. Eat raw
    The coconut kernel can be eaten directly, crisp crisp, crisp, crisp and sweet, and coconut fragrance is very strong.
  2. stew
    Cut the coconut core out, cut it into pieces, or block it, and stew it in the soup.
    The economic value of coconut nuclei
    Copra refers to coconut kernel jerky (endosperm), dried coconut oil can be extracted and processed into animal feed. The coconut nucleus is produced mainly in Southeast and South Pacific countries, and is of economic value, so it is one of the main sources of local people's income.
    Copra with press refined coconut oil, compared with coconut milk is not easy to rancidity, which is often used in margarine and other processed foods of raw oil.
    And coconut oil for organism harm less, and is often used as a stone Jian, candles and other necessities of life and the wide use of raw materials. The remaining residue of the coconut nucleus, which is rich in vitamins and oils, can also be used as organic fertilizer and livestock feed.

    Who is not fit to eat coconut
    1, coconuts are not suitable for friends with poor liver or liver disease.
    2, a friend with eczema is not suitable for coconuts.
    3, the people who have a strong body in the body should eat less coconut juice to avoid aggravating the fire.
    4, not to eat shit laxative coconut, coconut has laxative effect.
    5, the sugar content in the coconut is not low in the fruit, and the diabetic patients have less food.

在发芽的毛椰子里面会长出一个肉色的球,这个球叫椰子核、珍珠核、椰子饼、椰子宝,看起来有点像海绵、棉花糖,可以直接吃,口感酥酥脆脆很香甜,椰香也非常浓。 但这种发了芽的老椰子一定只能在芽还没爆出绿叶的时候吃,如果芽长出了绿叶,就一定不能吃了,里面的椰子饼就含有一定毒素,建议这样长绿叶的椰子直接种在地上,说不定十年后还可以收获一棵椰子树了。








而且椰子油对生物体的危害性较少,又常作为石鹸、蜡烛等生活日用品的原料而广为使用。 椰子核经压榨后剩余的残渣,由于富含维他命和油脂,又可用作有机肥料和家畜饲料。








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