Secret Native America Survival Food Lasts 50+ Years!!!!

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Pemmican: Meat, Fat & Berries

This brick of prime protein will keep even the hearties of mountaineers alive. Theoretically speaking, you can live entirely off of this beef brick and survive an entire North American winter. The best part is that this food can last for 50+ years in a NON-airtight container, hearty. Keep the dust and rats off of it because it is made of virtually any meat, but commonly the gamy meat of buffalo, elk, deer, or moose is used. Meat strips are then dried, ground and mixed at a 1:1 ratio with suet (rendered loin and kidney fat). You'll need some extra vitamins to keep fit, adding in sea buckthorn berry will round out this recipe as the only think one needs to eat to survive (besides water and fiber).

WWII Soldiers Loved It... Well, They Ate It

Here are two great videos, first of its origins and second how it is made. Eat up, and last the coming winter.


Fascinating. Never heard of Pemmican before but it looks like jerky. Definitely looks better than the rations i got in the army.

I have got to make this soon. I thinks it's the perfect food for me. Thanks for sharing.

Sure thing Jeff. Post your experiment & tag me @zeropointtruth. Id'e like to check it out.

Pemmican is real food for real emergencies

Looks like something i should get my hands on incase of an apocalypse haha.
Thank u for the cool post!