Indonesia has a famous cuisine since the first until now

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fried rice


Rice is an important part of traditional Chinese cuisine fried rice Munurut historical record has been around since 4000 BC and then spread to Southeast Asia.

Was first brought by nomads-Chinese immigrants, there is a wide variety of fried rice recipe but the main element is rice, cooking oil, soy sauce can also add vegetables, meat, sauce, crackers and fried eggs, from the Netherlands.

There is a famous song sung by a singer named Tante Lien Netherlands entitled "Geef Mij Maar Nasi Goreng" (Give me fried rice) recorded in 1979.

This song is about the culinary history of the relationship between the Netherlands and Indonesia over in China, Chao fan and pork are characteristic.

In Thailand called Khao Phad trademark cilantro and fish sauce, from Korea called Bokeumbab, of Peru known Arroz Chaufa, Saudi Arabian call Seed instead of Arabic but Indonesian special creations are generally wear goat and cumin and herbs.

Japan called Ashita, not from Japan but Indonesian special creations Ashibata wearing his trademark.



Sate or satai are foods made from small pieces of meat on the skewer in such a way that the puncture made ​​of rib bone or bamboo palm leaves in small pieces resembling sticks.

Then baked using wood and charcoal satay spices are usually made of mashed beans and soy sauce, satay from Java , Indonesia , and from there famous throughout Indonesia .

International dishes like satay among other yakitori of Japan , Shis kebab from Turkey , shashilk than Caucasians , chuanr of China and sosatie of South Africa , satay is listed as the 14th rank in the world 's 50 most delicious food .

The word is derived from the Tamil language satay , but there are also other theories that suggest the origin of the term satay said Chinese Minnan - tae sa tub that means three pieces of meat , satay skewers Maranggi is famous in Indonesia .


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