Agar - agar

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Agar-agar or simply agar — texture, widely used for gelling liquids. It can be used to create cold and hot gels that do not melt at room temperature, thicken liquids and clean broths (one of the filtration methods).

Ferran Adria used agar to create spaghetti and spherify drops of liquids in chilled oil.
Agar is a natural polysaccharide (starch) found in some types of red algae. It consists of agarose and agaropectin. Unlike gelatin, whose hydrocolloidal due to proteins of animal origin, the properties of the agar obtained from bacteria. Prior to the opening of agar in modern cuisine, it was widely used in the Asian region to create desserts and jellies. Agar-Malaysian name of the ingredient derived from algae agar-agar (this explains the name). Other definitions-Japanese gelatin, Ceylon moss, kanten.

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