A healthy and fresh lunch

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I love to eat nice salads. This one I had for lunch.

It is made from two different kind of mints, rice, tomatos, carrots, lemon juice, sunflower seeds and black caraway oil. So delicious. Hope you are all fine and are having a nice day.

Lots of Light and Love <3


Lunch is to eat in the stomach, it's a really delicious meal.!

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Das schaut wieder sehr lecker aus. Bei uns gab es heute den Gegenpol dazu. Manchmal muss es einfach sein und ich Hau mir einen Burger rein. Den natürlich selber gemacht und nicht von einer Fast Food Bude.

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I love fooooood
Sieht super lecker aus.
Pin ich zu mir...des appetites halber...;)
Thanks for sharing

Next time do well to send some to me. I love them too.

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rice in salad? that is interesting 🤔!✌️ ive only had cold in sushi 😆

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