Cobb Salad

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There really isn't too much to talk about a cobb salad. I thought about naming it "cobb web salad" to go with the Halloween theme of the video, but I decided that's not only cheesy, but search engines might not associate that title as being a recipe.

I originally uploaded this in November, 2016 on YouTube, and I was going to re-edit it normal, but then I noticed the shaky cutting board (I was extremely low budget back then and recovering from a housing scam), and there were many existing transitions that would look cool re-edited to look kinda horrorish; and coincidentally, when I looked through the public domain music I have downloaded on my PC, the first song I found that was an appropriate length was horror music. Then I remembered it is October, so I just went with it and had some fun with the Steem edit!

I actually do make electronic horror music. I made several demos on my Facebook page back in 2016. I should make more videos and upload on my personal account. I've had that account since last March, and I haven't even made my introduceyourself post yet. The late Jerry Goldsmith is my favorite in that genre, and my biggest inspiration.

This recipe contains bacon. I love bacon. but I stopped eating pork June of last year. I'm not especially religious, so that isn't why. It started back around 2013 when a scientist claimed humans are a chimp/pig hybrid. There were a lot of discussions about that on social media, and even though most scientists say that isn't true, that is when I became aware that cannibals call human meat "long pork" and they say humans taste like pork. I then later became more aware of their diet, and they eat just about anything. They're omnivores, meaning they eat other animals, and they even eat their own feces! I also know how unhealthy it is, so all that together is why I decided no more pork. I'm just grossed out by the thought of it. I'm eating more and more plant based meals. I don't think any land animal is too healthy, and they're all bad for the digestive system. I can't resist steak and fish/seafood. I've never ate anything from the sea that I didn't like. I could care less what other people eat. I can only inform people of the facts and let them decide for themselves; so here is the recipe containing delicious bacon!


4 ounces of chicken breast

6 slices of bacon

3 hard boiled eggs

1 head of lettuce

2 tomatoes

12 scallions/green onions

1 ripe avocado

5 ounces of bleu cheese

Bleu cheese or ranch dressing

Black pepper


Boil eggs in salt water for about 12 minutes. Adding a splash of vinegar will make them easier to peel.

Fry bacon evenly on both sides until crispy.

Cook chicken in bacon grease on both sides until thoroughly cooked and no pink.

Shred lettuce. I used iceberg, but any lettuce will work.

Dice the tomatoes, avocado, eggs, bacon,scallions, and chicken.

Shred a bleu cheese wedge, or use a bag of crumbled.

Top everything on lettuce in a bowl.

Grind fresh black pepper.

Pour on the dressing, and it's ready to eat!

Original video on my YouTube channel.
Back then I recorded my first 9 videos on my old iPhone 5 using iMovie and audio was recorded on a Rhodes shotgun microphone. All my newer videos are/were recorded with a Canon Rebel t6, and audio is via a Samson USB condenser microphone; and edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CC (including this re-edit for DTube).


Great! But I am rather puzzled. Should it be "blue" cheese or "bleu" cheese?

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This looks so delicious.
I also love bacon, it tastes so good.

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