Foodie Blog #7: The Best Japanese Ramen I've Ever Had - King Ramen 🍜

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Hello my Steemian Friends!   

When I think about Ramen, two things pop in my head - college and broke $$$.  During my college years, Instant noodle cups became my go-to food and also for many people, including my brother who was living with me at the time, who is on a very strict budget!!

To me, Instant noodles were super inexpensive, quick and an easy meal to make especially when you're in a rush.   But who says you can't have a tasty meal and fun experience at a restaurant-served Ramen that has fresher ingredients and plenty of protein that you can enjoy happily?    

I stopped at Sonoya (a Japanese noodle house) & Brown Katsu (Original Korean Tonkatsu house) restaurant for a quick dinner.  

They have a good selection of Ramen and also serve other dishes such as tonkatsu, yakisoba and donburi.  Yum!  

I ordered the King Ramen. 

Description: Spicy, Netsu Ramen style with a variety of toppings of pork meat and vegetables $11.95.  

According to the menu, every Ramen has one of the 5 spicy levels: 0, 0.5, 1, 2 or 3.  Zero is non spicy and 3 is very spicy.  I can definitely go up to 3 but it was my first visit so I went with level 1 spice, which is perfect for people who like a bit of kick and not too spicy.  

The food came in a large bowl and steaming hot.   This dish, which is packed with grilled pork, vegetables, a pink-swirl fish cake, and an egg was delicious.  

 Pork. Egg. Ramen. SO MUCH GOODNESS.  I'm in HEAVEN!


Ramen is so satisfying and such an amazing food that you can make it at home and enjoy, especially when the weather is cold.    


All pictures are taken with my Samsung Galaxy 7.  As always, thank you for your support and don't forget to: 

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That ramen looks good!


Yes. The broth is yummy too!


It is!! 😁

Ramen 😍😍😍😍😍



thank you for sharing your blog about this yummy ramen .I plan to visit my sister in japan soon hope to try this one because noodles is love :)


Is this your first time visiting Japan? You will love it there!!


yes so excited :)

I am Japanese.
I love ramen.


Hi @childcare. It's great to hear from you. I love ramen too 😄

Oh? We have "spice level" types of ramen restaurants here too! I would have ordered the miso though, since my spice tolerance is pretty weak!~


Hi @shello. The miso would been good too. But anything spicy, I love it!


Lol I understand the love of spice as well @xredsoulless! A lot of my friends go all in when it comes to peppers.

Do you also like horseradish and wasabi kinds of spices too? I can't eat a pepper to save my life, but hot mustard is my boy. I asked because they are both spicy but one is more nasally, and the other is more throat focused c:

A good selection of photos :)))


I love ramen thanks for sharing..upvoted and followed

Looks delicious!