Eat Your Hydration

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You've just finished a tough workout. You're hot and sweaty so you reach for ... celery? It's long been known that water-rich fruits and vegetables can contribute to your hydration needs. But this research shows that beyond contributing to hydration, some fruits and vegetables may hydrate your body twice as effectively as a glass of water.

Water is cool, refreshing and calorie-free, but certain types of produce have a leg up on H2O. Why? Because they provide nutrients like mineral salts, amino acids and vitamins as well as hydration.

When exercising, your body can lose electrolytes through sweat. Replenishing lost electrolytes is the whole premise behind sports drinks. But certain fresh fruits and veggies can replenish your body, too -- without all the artificial colors and flavors.


Some top picks for hydrating foods:

  • Watermelon. Rich in vitamin C, beta carotene and lycopene, the appropriately named watermelon is about 92 percent water.
  • Cucumber. Cucumbers deliver a high water content as well as calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium.
  • Celery. Crunchy celery is actually 96 percent water. It also provides sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and zinc.

But don't ditch your water bottle just yet. It's great to incorporate healthful hydrating foods into your diet -- especially during the warmer months. But a good, old-fashioned glass of water has its place, too. And, let's face it, while a stalk of celery might be more effective for hydration, it just doesn't taste as refreshing as an icy cold glass of water.

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Thank you for your valuable information on hydration through fruits and vegetables.

I knew about Watermelon and Cucumber, but I did not know about celery thats an interesting fact thank you for sharing.

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