I'm NO Mario Batali

in #food5 years ago (edited)

I love pop-opera and cooking, but honestly I have to admit I suck at both. When cooking, I like to listen to Andrea Bocelli sing a twisted tale of lust, desire and love. His controversy voice makes my kitchen vibrate and melts my buttery soul.

The only ingredients missing in this kitchen is the Venetian Gondolier 😉. Btw, I am not following a cook book, just using whatever ingredients I can find at home. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Thai mushroom, red onion, ginger, babygreen onion, wild caught salmon, olive oil, salt & pepper.

Add olive oil & red onion, cook slowly for few minutes.

Add sliced mushroom & ginger.

The masterpiece, sliced black truffle!!! (optional)

Add sliced babygreen onion. Cook until light gold.

On a separate pan cook the salmon for 3-4 minutes.

Finally, mix the two and serve. (A vegan? This is a delicious dish even without the salmon).


Interesting mix of ginger & truffle!

At first in thought I made a big mistake mixing the two ingridients but the mix of the two aromas is fabulous. No regrets.

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

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