Chicken paillard with dusted potatoes

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November 05, 2019,01u21m51s-2.jpg

The climate is getting colder where I live, but that won't stop me from lighting the fire
This time, I'm largely following a recipe from Weber's Grote Barbecue Boek (Weber's big bbq book), but I'm mixing it up with some extra spices, dusted potatoes, and a small simple salad.

For the chicken paillards, I flattened some chicken breasts with a hammer and a large pan (flattening them with the hammer, then evening them out by using pressure from a large and heavy skillet).

November 05, 2019,01u53m53s.jpg

Afterward, I rubbed the flattened chicken breasts with a mixture of (a lot of) fennel seed, garlic powder, and salt.

November 05, 2019,01u49m28s.jpg

Following the recipe, I made a nice olive-tomato-celery relish with a little bit of thyme to accompany the chicken.

November 05, 2019,01u58m09s.jpg

Then it was time for my favorite part: hitting the grill!!

November 05, 2019,01u38m42s.jpg

November 05, 2019,01u31m53s.jpg

I also wrapped the potatoes in aluminum foil and put them on the grill for a while. When the chicken breasts reached a core temperature of 72 degrees Celcius, I took them off the grill. I dusted the potatoes with a dry rub based around brown sugar, smoked paprika powder, onion powder, garlic powder, dried rosemary, and dried thyme.

November 05, 2019,00u09m43s.jpg
spice mix for the potato rub

November 05, 2019,01u21m51s-2.jpg

November 05, 2019,02u02m09s.jpg

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