South Korea | Variety of different fried CHICKEN flavor. Samcheok Region, Korea Overnight

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The variety of different fried chicken flavours complete with side dish.

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I bravely went to Samcheok Region in South Korea to visit some friends last 2017. It was my first visit without anyone accompanying me.

Samcheok is one of the official regions of South Korea that has been traditionally divided. It is a big city which has full of traditional cultures and natural resources. (Will blog our mountain adventure next time).

Overnight with the students

Since I have a bunch of friends in this region, I was invited to visit then. I traveled more than 3 hours from Seoul South Korea through the bus to reach the city.

So I was adopted by these students on my first night. They brought me to their condo type apartment. They prepared all the sleeping stuff need and took care of me very well. I have met them once in the Philippines when they visited for a short mission where we did some community outreaches. This time, they were my host.

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We shared and talked a lot so we almost did not sleep.

It was about 1 'o'clock in the morning when they asked me what snack I want. I don't know exactly what I like so let them decide instead. I thought we would go out and buy but not. One of the students took out his card and called for a chicken delivery.

And this is how I was introduced to this delicious dish that they used to eat as a snack.


That is popular in Korea where people would just call for delivery any time when they want a snack or hungry. While in the Philippines, that is usually the main dish we have on our every meal.

The menu offers a variety of different chicken flavors ranging from fan favorites like the original crispy and BBQ (my favorite!) to special flavors like garlic soy and onion lover. It also comes with sides like kimchi, sesame potato slaw, fries, etc. All the chicken used is locally sourced and each whole chicken is broken down into pieces in order to give a higher breading to chicken ratio.


If you haven't tried it yet, you're missing out! Come and get the best Korean fried chicken they have!

Have a Chicken-filled day!

Until my next blog Steemians!

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you always travel and see the wonderful creation of God.
That's is real living; enjoying life the fullness!
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Thank you bro. @sorenkiekegaard! I do love traveling . As much as I'm able sana mapuntahan ko lahat na gusto ko puntahan haha.

Looks yummy

Yes masarap talaga @duquenjunalyn! I thing the best fried chicken ever na natikman ko.

yummy, wish have delivery here in tacloban early as 1am.

Sana nga sis. Maupay actually ito na negosyo ngada hehehe

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Thank you @caydenshan! Their chicken was really good! I can finish one box without sharing it haha

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