Milky Way sandwich (Milky Way)

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•eggs 3 items
•sugar 100 g
•lemon juice 1 teaspoon
•Oil 2 tablespoons
•wheat flour 50 g
•cocoa 15 g
•baking powder 0.5 teaspoons


•Cube for baking Kasia 125 g
•milk 0.25 glasses
•sugar 0.25 glasses
•milk powder 120 g
•cream cheese (eg Bieluch) 100 g


•milk chocolate 100 g
•milk 2 tablespoons
•Cube for baking Kasia 0.1 pack


  1. Separate the proteins from the yolks and beat them with sugar to a stiff foam. Whipping constantly, add egg yolk to the foam.

  2. Then add the lemon juice, oil and continue to whip. Mix the flour with cocoa, baking powder, sieve and gently
    combine with egg mass.

  3. Pour the dough into the bottom lined with baking paper mold 20 x 20 cm. Bake at 180 degrees for about
    Thirty minutes. Take it out of the mold and turn it upside down.

  4. Boil the milk with sugar and cool. Soft Kasia to rub on the cream. While still grating, pour a thin stream of milk
    with sugar. Then add milk powder and cream cheese in small portions. Rub it all the time.

  5. Cut the baked and cooled dough into two pancakes and translate it with cream. Press lightly.

  6. Melt chocolate, milk and cassia in a water bath. With the mass obtained pour the top of the dough and leave to set.

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