Bei Timphan Bei Badan Sinyak Aceh "Smell timphan cake like Achnese bodies smell"

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Why do Acehnese often mention the smell of timphan Odoriferous of Acehnese bodies, is it true that Acehnese bodies smell like timphan ?, haha...

Apparently the real meaning is not so Steemians.
The timphan cake is one of Aceh's favorite specialties where there is a good event of big day celebrations and other baking days timphans are required to be served for guests.

Usually the Acehnese who wander out will be very longing, "Timphan Mak Peugot" means the timphan made by his own mother, so the timphan can not be separated with the Acehnese, so from that said "Bei Timphan Bei Badan Sinyak Aceh "

Timphan cakes include wet cakes, made from sticky rice and banana or pumpkin and wrapped with banana leaf buds.
Timphan cake has a taste that is very tasty, sweet and savory taste of glutinous dough gives its own sensation.
This culinary also contains grated coconut or srikaya, which makes it taste more delicious.

This snack is also suitable at dinner in the afternoon what else is served with Aceh coffee, hmmmm delicious.

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Timpan aso kaya mangat tat lepah


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