Reward You With Being Focussed On What YOU Want and Start with My POWER WINTER SALAD.

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This is giving you power and protein and massive energy after a long day or even after your workout....

Sometimes I feel like this typical happiness hormones, like endorphines ecc. . My body wants it in form of sugar, salt or fat. Finish. Your body tells you all the time, that you deserve food after you did so well (or not). This is practically everyday, all the time, 365/ 24/7. Even if you didn't reach your daily goals you feel even more like rewardingg you, giving you some tender loving care, mostly food.
There are always several options. Which one are we choosing is depending on

  1. our mood
  2. our goals, if we have
  3. our situation in general (family, job, partnership, sports... you name it)
  4. strength and dicipline
  5. volition

I guess everyone could be discussed, because mostly we can give a short answer to all of those, but if we research a little deeper, things aren't that easy to see. What motivates us? What is strong enough to follow often unpopular routines, tasks or trainings. We know, that becoming an expert is based on a consistant repetition of exactly what you want to learn or what you want to be. It is that easy.
For me the most important poin in the list is number 5). Imagine, you have a duty to do and you know there isn't much time to start. Not that you have the whole day to get it done, but there is a time window, which closes after 7 seconds. If you didn't start after 7 seconds, you won't to it any more!!!!
If you finally managed to start successfully, it costs a lot of energy which you should ration carefully. This is called volition. Volition is the amount of power at one's disposal for to overcome uncomfortable stuff. So for example: You need to work on a paper for your presentation in 2 days, but your phone is non stop showing push messages, or the Emails pop up every few minutes. The mental power you need to fade out the info, to concentrate to NOT focus on it, but being courious, if it was anything important and the mental power you need to have after following those distractions and coming back to your work is brutal. But not only this, it also costs you at least 20min. Every single interaction costs you 20min (following the mail, ad, chats, message, eating, whatever, read and then get back to the initial job/task till you're fully into it) which you didn't produce any result, but extend the time you spend for it all together.

AND before you think I want to give you a lesson in time management, I warmly want to share my winter power salad. In case you are to lazy to cook, but you are strong and focussed enough not to order a pizza. It takes you only 10 min to prepare - shorter time, if you were waiting for the delivery service.
The dishes I prepare are all arranged after colours (so main colours like red, green, yellow are inhibited) and 100% vegan. So it's perfect for your mental and physical health, for those, who are athletes, for high performers and food lovers. ENJOY!

IMG_4980 (1).jpg

My Favorite Raw Power Ingredients:

Chick Peas 1-2 cups
Baby Spinach 2 hands full
Onion 1 big one
Cucumber as much as you like
Avocado 1 big one
Ginger 1-2 cm
Smoked Tofu as much as you like
pomegranate seeds 1/2 from the fruit

ADD: Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Salt & Fresh Pepper (add a dash of Soja Sauce to make it exotic)


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